Quality Department

Quality- “The soul of the product and the life of the enterprise.” Everybody in K F Mold Ltd. considers it their responsibility to complete the necessary checks throughout the entire mold building and delivery stages. In the factory, we have CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machines, Optical Projectors, Height Gauges and Hardness Tester etc. All our molds and products are inspected during the entire manufacturing time so as to highlight any potential quality issues at the earliest stage which ensures a reliable quality assured delivery. Using the quality system has enabled K F Mold Ltd. to be accredited with ISO9001:2008 certification. For years, K F Mold Ltd. has controlled all the process strictly in line with ISO9001:2000 Quality System. 
K F Mold Ltd. has various advanced checking equipment and ISO9001 management system,  All molds/parts are inspected using the appropriate quality standard 

In order to guarantee the quality of the molds, we pay specially attention to the choice of materials. We use high quality steels as required from suppliers such as ASSAB , Gröditz,Buderus, and DAIDO,LKM, etc. And the heat treatment is processed by the Shenzhen subsidiary of ASSAB Co or LKM. Thus we can achieve long mold life, accuracy and surface hardness.

Quality Procedures:
1. Incoming Quality Control includes steel hardness and full inspections on steels, mold base, brassand components.
2. In-Process Quality Control includes document and data check, design optimization, electrode inspection, cavity and core & insert inspection, pre-assembly inspection, trial report and samples inspection.
3. Final Quality Control includes pre-shipment inspections on mould and packing; the steel certificates, 2D and 3D mold design, mold trial video area trached to theshipment as well.
Main QC Documents: Mold Base Inspection Report, Steel Inspection Report, Electrode Inspection Report, Heat Treatment Report, QC Report, IPQC Report, Corrective Action Report, Sample Inspection Report, Pre-Shipment QA Report.

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