Engineering Dept.

The quality of the mold is highly determined by its design. We use the latest advanced software for all of our CAD/CAM/CAE requirements whilst also using more traditional design methods as required.
K F mold Ltd. use a variety of software which includes Pro-E, Solidworks, Mastercam, UG, CATIA and various other packages.These tools enable the disassembly and assembly of the mold in a 3D virtual environment to asses for any possible problems such us deformation, shrinkage etc. These tools help to identify issues and modify the mold while it is still at the design stage, this results in our company being able to produce high quality molds with greater efficiency. All designs adopt the 2D and 3D design according to the international standards.
No matter what you offer (a template, 3D or 2D drawing), we will select the best mold design, shaping mode and processing procedure to make excellent finished products. K F understands that good design is the key for make timely delivery according to specifications and budget. We ensure that the customers are satisfied with everything at the design stage, including product functions, sizing material, molds, manufacturing process, structure and polishing!

Project Management

Project Management is one of the key elements to run a successful program. After years of accumulated experiences, we have concluded a mature and highly efficient project management processes and follow transparent project management so the customers can know and control project progress and status in thousands miles away. We will submit weekly progress reports and mold progress pictures to individual customer and ensure our customers´ project can be followed up efficiently on delivery & quality aspects.


Responsible for all aspects of a program once it has been awarded, including:
to follow and enforce customer standards;
to report project progress to customer as required;
to schedule all necessary resources such as trials and meetings;
to coordinate all engineering activity and scheduling;
to inspect prior to delivery to make ensure it meets customer specifications

We often have different customers to follow the mold project and check the progress of the project, K F Mold Ltd., is also often go to customers' factory for visiting and investigation.

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